TELL US: Where Did the Beach Go?

Last week's storms seem to have swept away a lot the new sand that replenished local beaches earlier in the season.

Wait, what happened?

We all stepped away from the beach for a couple of days last week when the wicked storms blew through and came back to find the sea had taken a big bite out of our sand.

While most of the kids at Monmouth Beach Bathing Pavilion on Sunday had figured out how to use the new three-foot drops down to the ocean to their advantage — sliding down on their bottoms or boogie boards — grown ups were perched in their chairs puzzling over their new cliffside view.

Was the erosion as bad further north in Sea Bright?

Michael Megill July 23, 2012 at 02:38 PM
Go to Sandy Hook and you will find the sand. How these "beach relenishment" projects, technically referred to as "beach nourishment" by the Army Corp of Engineers, are justified is beyond comprehension. Of course our politicians will point to Cost Benefit Analysis as the justification, but any research can easily challenge the conclusion. Also, the Enviromental Impact Studies are proven to be baseless as the marine life impacted by these projects has not recovered in the affected areas within the timeframes established by the studies. When are the taxpayers going to question the millions of dollars spent on beach replenishment? Don't forget the National Flood Insurance Program is funded by tax dollars. If one builds a house, knowingly, on a flood plain and come Spring the home is washed away, what would you tell the homeowner? If one builds a home or beach club in the face of the Atlantic Ocean and a storm damages or destroys the structure, what would you say? Should it be the taxpayers responsibility to remediate the damage and then have access to the same area be restricted or limited by those who benefited?
Elaine Van Develde July 23, 2012 at 05:16 PM
No cliffs of sand in Sea Bright, neighbor ... ;) http://patch.com/A-wrc9


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