State Issues Air Pollution Warning

High ozone levels in the air throughout the state Friday

The state Department of Environmental Protection issued an air quality alert Friday, warning that some people may be affected by high particulate matter.

The DEP warned that sensitive groups — including the very old and very young, as well as those with medical conditions —  should avoid strenuous outdoor activity, because ozone levels in the air are expected to reach dangerous levels throughout the state.

The DEP is also asking that residents and businesses across New Jersey avoid activities that could add to air pollution, such as vehicle use, lawn mowing, painting and wood burning.

The air quailty for the remainder of the weekend looks good and pollution levels are predicted to be low, according to the DEP.

The National Weather Service in Mount Holly is forecasting a sunny day Friday with temperatures reaching 82. Some rain is forecast for the weekend, with highs hovering around 80 degrees.

For more information on the air quality in the state, see: http://www.airnow.gov/index.cfm?action=airnow.local_state&stateid=31.


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