Save the Tomatoes! Preserving Class Coming to Oceanport

A class at the Old Wharf Senior Center will teach gardeners how to make their bounty — from tomatoes to squash to peppers — last throughout the year.

Wouldn't it be nice, some time around, say, February, to be able to enjoy all the flavor of a summer Jersey tomato fresh out of the garden?

residents can attend an upcoming class on preserving techniques to capture the freshness of the garden to enjoy well after the first frost.

The Aug. 21 presentation will be held at the on Main Street at Waterfront Park  at 7 p.m. and led by Bob Simonetti and Councilwoman Ellynn Kahle. Instruction will include how to can, freeze and dry garden produce.

Kahle told Patch in an e-mail that she's interested in learning about canning to preserve all of the tomatoes she says she has coming in this summer. The councilwoman also is growing cucumbers, squash, peppers and herbs, which can be canned and dried, and she's hoping to learn more about pickling vegetables and making jams.

Kahle spearheaded, behind borough hall, which has a row of crops that are donated to local food banks, such as the Ronald McDonald House and St. Luke's Methodist Church.

The class is free but those interested do need to register. RSVP to Kahle at ekahle@vnacj.org or 732-614 2317.

While it's only open to Oceanport residents right now, Kahle said she would create a waiting list if there was enough room to accommodate non-residents.


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