VIDEO: Spring Concert at Point Road Brings Out Instruments and Fireworks

The concert included performances by third and fourth grade band, orchestra and chorus members.

There were horns, drums, strings and even some Katy Perry at Spring Concert on Wednesday night.

The concert has expanded over the years to include performances by the school's band and orchestra members along with the third and fourth grade chorus with musical selections roaming from "Ode to Joy" and the "William Tell Overture" to "Banana Boat Song" and the Beatles' "Blackbird." The chorus performed Katy Perry's crowd-pleasing "Firework" as its finale.

The concert was directed by music and instrument teachers Eric Clark and Jennifer Brush, and included accompaniments from seventh grader Griffin Perry on the piano and assisted by high school senior Peter O'Connell.

The chorus had 98 students perform in Wednesday's concert.


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