Mater Dei Offering Tuition Waiver to Top Middle School Students

The value of the waiver is nearly $50,000.

Mater Dei Prep in Middletown will offer a four-year tuition waiver to top middle school students through its new Capstone Academy.

The program has been established to attract and reward the top four students--two female and two male, including the valedictorian and salutatorian--from New Jersey middle schools. Middle school administrators are required to nominate their top four students.

"We expect to enroll 12-20 top students during the first year of the program," Principal Steven Sciarappa said in a press release. 

The tuition waiver, valued at nearly $50,000, is exclusive of books, transportation and other associated enrollment fees

Capstone Academy students will operate in an intense 12-month style, three-semester curriculum. Students will work within an individualized learning plan and will have access to a secondary counselor, designated cohort mentor, and a personal mentor from the program’s leadership council that will be devoted to their success. In addition, supplemental learning resources such as small group instruction enrichment sessions, study center and instructional support at both cohort and individual levels will be available to all Capstone students.

Capstone Academy students will be required to maintain a 3.30 GPA, participate in supplemental learning activities, team meetings and annual thesis, attend all recognition ceremonies at Mater Dei Prep & Saint Mary School, and partake in all peer review meetings and presentations.

For more information about Mater Dei Prep’s Capstone Academy, visit materdeiprep.org/capstone or contact Sciarappa at ssciarappa@materdeiprep.org or call (732) 671-9100.
7ts February 27, 2014 at 11:59 AM
Well at least this is merit oriented instead of let's find kids from inner city schools who can play football.
SHU February 28, 2014 at 05:08 PM
7ts, Not only is that statement completely unnecessary, it is 100% untrue. The students who came from out of town to MDP … the followed their coaches who were HIRED at MDP to coach. One student in particular who I know personally just got major scholarships to go play in college based on MERIT. Also, MDP has ALWAYS given scholarships based on academics. THe Bowman scholarship, as well as the merit scholarships have always been around.. The students who come to MDP no matter their race, color, religion, and no matter where they are from…. they all have to live up to the Catholic and ethical standards of the school. MDP is a private high school . Unlike Middletown North or South, we rely on the enrollment of children form out of town. It has ALWAYS been like this. Even when I was a student some years ago, there were always kids who took a bus from an hour away to get to school. RBC gives scholarships to a certain number of kids from Asbury each year, and CBA recruits for sports. Furthermore, the kids that play football at Mater Dei would wake up at 4 am and hop on a train to get to practice every morning in the summer. That is what we call DEDICATION. It has really drawn the interest of others to not only come to games, but to consider Mater Dei as a great High School. Those kids work their ***** off both during the football season, and during the school semesters. I only hope that we gain more kids with that kind of dedication and spirit. So…. I know that this has been a hot topic for gossip around town. Well now you have been given the facts. Please pass on the truth
7ts March 05, 2014 at 03:12 PM
The truth? Did you know that some of these boys ended up on the track team and were so disrespectful to the coach that it was embarrassing? My son went there. I had to inform the administration about a child making threats to fellow team mates. The child was subsequently kicked out of Mater Dei. When I found out about his background it turned out he was kicked out of other schools before coming to Mater Dei. It seems that MD takes a kid as long as they have the money. And you can't deny the desperate need for cash. MD is itching to actually have a football program so it can bring in the bucks. They ignore other teams because they don't bring in revenue. The tiny "christian" environment may sound good on paper but it isn't the reality at the school. Lots of drugs and drinking going on. Lots of favoritism towards some select families. I spent a ton of money between St. Mary's and Mater Dei so it's not like I don't know what I am talking about. I also volunteered a lot of time as well. All I am saying is when it came time to give out money at graduation it seemed odd that there were only 3 or 4 families (connected with the school) that got any money. That's the truth.
SHU March 06, 2014 at 06:41 PM
Sir, I graduated from MD not too long ago. Top 10% in my class, played 3 sports all 4 years, and was accepted into 10 different colleges all with scholarships. I have a sibling at the school currently. Everyone is treated as an equal at MD. Maybe I am partial, however I definitely have to disagree with you for various reasons. 1- The child was kicked out of the school for bad behavior. The situation was obviously handled. Bullying is a horrible thing, however the school did their job. It is not the school's fault that our child was bullied. 2- YES, Mater Dei is a Christian environment lead by Fr. Jeff, who has been doing an excellent job rehabilitating the faith in the school.. mass on a regular basis and a new teen youth group for the community 3- YES, it is a PRIVATE SCHOOL.. in essence it is a business. A business requires money, that very money you speak of for scholarships In regard to sports, the players on the football team went on to do track, and basketball..as well as various other sports... which by the way also brings in money to the school. It is not just football players that MD recruits. There are several basketball and soccer players that have currently registered… also MD is looking to add new sports based on the requests of incoming students…. It is quite common for students to attend a school based on sports… look at CBA and RBC for instance 4-The school actually does turn children away if their grades are not up to par, and also if they have a troubled record .. there is a strict no bullying policy.. which I am sure you are familiar with due to your personal story Sir, please find me a school that has no drugs, and no kids that have problems.. I guarantee that you will fail. Yes, I was a student at MD… believe me the harder drugs are both by the wealthier students.. and most of those students (lets face it).. do NOT attend MD. Sir, kids are kids… they are the same everywhere you go. I don't mean to bash you or your family, but if you are someone who truly wants to give your children a Catholic education, Mater Dei does just that. We are a tight-knit community that is growing. The experience is what you make of it. On another note, it is unfortunate that your child had a bad experience. I am truly sorry for that. We all want to see our kids and siblings have a safe, enjoyable experience. Aside from your story, I have to say that most other stories I hear of the school are positive ones. The reality is, Mater Dei gives children the opportunity to learn in a Catholic setting, in small classrooms, and with like minded people. They have a 100% college acceptance rate, and more scholarship money goes to Mater Dei graduates than any other private school in the area--- including RBC, which has 4x the amount of students It is what you make of it. Mater Dei is on its way up. And quite honestly, maybe if the community (the Saint Mary's parents) sent their children to Mater Dei, then we would not have to reach out to get students to attend. Recently, the school has gone through some really amazing changes and people see the opportunity and want to send their children. This is the reality. Just because one child wronged your child, I find it offensive for you to place all of these "inner city" children into this category. These kids work harder than most other children to be honest, and why do you care where they come from anyway? One particular student was just accepted into the college of his choice with an ACADEMIC scholarship. This may not have been made possible to him without Mater Dei, and the staff member that work tirelessly to make sure the students are on the right track. Again, I am very sorry for your experience. Regards
7ts April 08, 2014 at 01:04 PM
Sorry I don't buy it. I spent a lot of money on this school only to have my child have to take remedial courses in English and Math while at college. He was a straight A student in English and did well in Math while attending MD. What does that tell you? Check out the list of colleges these kids attend after graduating, a large portion go to Brookdale (hence the large number of scholarships community colleges tend to give out quite a few) ,number one for the cost, but secondly because they aren't ready for real college yet. I'm glad you had a good experience while there. But I stand by what I said many of these new recruits are disrespectful to their coaches. My son witnessed it first hand as a child came into a locker room late while the coach was speaking to the team, he proceeded to talk over the coach as if he weren't there. Others also talked backed to the coach when he gave them their training assignments as in "I ain't gonna do that, f*** that." Heard with his own ears. Were you there? The school needs money desperately, a few years back it was ready to close. The building needs major renovations and the curriculum needs to be changed to help those who need it. At the time my son left it was not unlike a Tiger Schulmanns where you get a black belt if you go to enough classes.
Bill April 08, 2014 at 05:22 PM
7ts. I w's enjoying the banter between an alum and father of an alum when I read your last statement about Tiger Schulmanns. As the father of two TS students and a student myself, i am interested how you came about this position that is very different than my experience. I think that your point was that TS gives black belts to people that are incapable of defending themselves. I would suggest that you could find a better way to make a point about your sons education than a dated reference to a martial arts school that is no longer valid.


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