Point Road 3rd Graders Get to Ask Mayor the Tough Questions

An interview with the mayor, via Skype, gave students the opportunity to ask why the borough has no tall buildings and whether his job is frustrating.

has had to face some tough questions during his first term as Little Silver's mayor, like whether the borough's revaluation could be postponed or if residents should be responsible for shoveling sidewalks.

But on Tuesday he got hit with some of the most challenging questions posed by residents, like if he knew how long Little Silver Creek was and whether his job as mayor was frustrating, when he was grilled by Point Road students as part of a technology research project.

Neff, who said the experience was "awesome," was interviewed via Skype by third grade students who asked questions they had generated with the help of Point Road technology teacher Wendy Whittle.

"The third grade students were very excited and we are sure that Mayor Neff enjoyed this technological event as well," said Principal Dr. Pamela Albert of the opportunity for the students to interact with the mayor while learning to use new technology.

The students also posed some questions to the mayor that have been asked of older residents as well, hitting on issues like the Seven Bridges Road bridge project, the long-vacant Gift Winds building downtown and vehicles speeding through town.

But some questions sprang from younger concerns, like whether there should be a skate park in town and why Little Silver didn't have its own football field.

Neff said, "The chance to talk with our students is one of the great benefits of being mayor, and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

"I went to Point Road School as a child, and I'll tell you, the technology alone makes it a very different place," he added. "The only constant is the terrific teachers who take the time to put together events like this."

Dentss Dunnagun February 13, 2013 at 06:52 PM
I hope the mayor told that kid that asked Little Silver does have a football field ,it's located at RBR on little silver property ...as for a state park we just very well get that as well ...all the way on the end of point road about 12 homes have been condemned ,perhaps the state should buy them and turn it into a park ...
John Q Public February 14, 2013 at 03:54 PM
Hey dentss dunnagun- Great comment! How dumb is that 3rd grader for asking about the football field right? thank god you left this comment to clear it up. Also, your idea for a location for a skate park is spot on. Dentss you are SO witty and smart- please, please, please leave more comments!


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