PHOTOS: Oceanport Veterans Day Ceremony an 'Important Pause' in Busy Lives

About 100 people turned out to honor those who've served the country on Sunday morning at borough hall.

Oceanport's Veterans Day ceremony on Sunday morning was short, sweet and poignant.

Officials like Mayor Michael Mahon brought personal reflections to the day, honoring those who served the country, recalling memories of "the pictures of my father or yours, proudly standing in their uniforms."

Celebrating veterans, said Mahon, "is an important pause in our busy lives."

Councilman Tex Ibex, who served in Vietnam and noted that he is among less than one percent of the population, said of the country's veterans, "We are small in number but large in what we accomplished."

Ibex added, "Remember them and appreciate them, that is our duty."


Richard McKenna November 12, 2012 at 02:28 PM
Thank You for this article, there are 3 photo's showing Ron Stubbington, one show Ron leaving the flowers by the flag pole, , A better person will not be found,, he gives of himself every day to the residents of Oceanport and NEVER asks for anything , not even a thank you - God Bless Ron for his service to the United Stated and to Oceanport !!! Rick


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