Paying for Cleanup the Latest Sandy Insult to Hit Oceanport

The borough council approved $700,000 in emergency appropriations at Thursday night's meeting.

The Oceanport Borough Council approved $700,000 in emergency appropriations at Thursday's meeting for cleanup following Hurricane Sandy.

"We're hoping we don't need that much money," Gregory S. Mayers, the borough's chief financial officer, said at the Nov. 15 meeting held at Maple Place School and attended by about 20 residents.

The borough will budget no less that $140,000 over the next five years to cover the appropriation.

"Hopefully before the first payment is due we have some FEMA or insurance money come in," Mayers said.

The Oceanport Office of Emergency Management has estimated $367 million in damages to the borough and residents due to Hurricane Sandy.

Immediately following the storm, officials were looking at a figure a few hundred thousand dollars less, but with bills beginning to come in from the cleanup, Mayers said, "The consensus was to budget high so we don't have to come back for more."

Mayers said the borough had spent about $200,000 to date for services like movers to pack and haul items from borough hall and ServPro for cleaning.

Borough Attorney John O. Bennett III made a point of commending the borough for its handling of debris removal, and in particular the Borough Administrator and Clerk Kim Jungfer.

Bennett said that as the borough attorney for a number of local municipalities, he's seen how different towns have used different methods for clearing debris following the hurricane. One local town hired what Bennett referred to as a "vulture company" to clean vegetation waste from streets and found that the initial $400,000 estimate for the work ballooned over two weeks to $900,000. That town also hired a monitor to oversee applying for FEMA assistance, which cost another $167,000.

In Oceanport, Jungfer hired "local people that know the town and care" and served as the monitor for FEMA applications, Bennett said.

"The administrator of this town has saved taxpayers literally hundreds of thousands of dollars," Bennett said, which was greeted by applause.

L.S. Resident November 17, 2012 at 09:44 PM
Just wait and see. They take away Boro workers overtime and contract outside help, which cost them high 3 digit figures, then put the icing on the cake highering a monitor? Really, what and how do they think. No common sense. Isn't this why we have Boro employees. Who's ever running the show is poorly informed to put it mildly.
Steve November 17, 2012 at 10:36 PM
If I am correct, by paying all these Boro workers overtime, doesn't it add to their retirement pensions. By doing that we will pay a lot more then hiring outside people who will be paid and were done even if it cost more. Hopefully Fema will pick up the tab.
Dr John Auriemma November 20, 2012 at 05:13 PM
A very big, "hope FEMA,will pick up the tab". FEMA, over the years, has made many communities, "hopelessly hopefull!! I agree w/ the 1st post, we are being bled when it comes to property taxes. And for what, to help pay for the many local govn't workers pensions?! Now get ready for more... Gov Christi's, once promise to decrease our property tax bills by 10%, will now become a property tax increase of God, knows how much of a %.
Mike Rath November 28, 2012 at 09:57 PM
The rising tide will have lined many pockets...
B. Baldanza January 03, 2013 at 01:53 PM
The borough employee pensions do not include overtime in the pension calculations. You should not comment on this if you don't know what you are talking about. The New York public employees, however, do include OT and that is why they are experincing so many finanical pension problems. The state of NJ does not include OT.


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