Parkway Exit 105 Reconfiguration Will Begin by End of Summer

New Jersey Turnpike Authority slightly alters design


The Garden State Parkway Exit 105 reconfiguration project will begin by the "end of summer," according to New Jersey Turnpike Authority Spokesman Thomas Feeney.

The project will also feature one change in response to local concerns. A left-turn lane and traffic signal will be added at the intersection of Wayside Road and Pinebrook Road. This is being done to help ease traffic concerns from the increased amount of people expected to use Wayside Road.

The $40 million project will completed in two contracts.

The first contract will include the reconstruction of Exit 105 at the intersection of Hope Road and Route 36.

The main improvement at the Hope Road intersection will include a new ramp from the parkway north exit that would run between a neighboring hotel and the park and ride, and empty out onto Hope Road. Hope Road also will be widened north and south of Route 36, with new traffic signals installed.

This will let drivers headed toward Hope Road avoid the Route 36 bottleneck that exists now from cars exiting the parkway and turning right onto Hope Road or taking the jughandle to go on Hope Road north.

Cars headed to Hope Road north will also take this new ramp south of Route 36 and then make a left onto Hope Road at the new light and proceed to cross over Route 36, without having to bother with the jughandle.

From this same area south of Route 36, there will also be a new lane that would take drivers headed toward the Monmouth Mall from Hope Road in Tinton Falls, through the woods and onto Route 36 east, completely avoiding the now-congested intersection of Hope Road and Route 36.

The existing ramps from the parkway south will also be widened and the jughandle will remain. 

The second contract will include the construction of a new southbound connection to Wayside Road and the construction of a second northbound deceleration lane.

New Jersey Turnpike Authority officials have said this willbe done improve access to Route 18 and will help ease congestion at the Hope Road/Route 36 intersection.

When the new ramp reaches Wayside Road, a traffic light will be placed at the intersection and motorists will be able to make a left or right turn.

Officials have said the contracts' start times will be staggered with the Hope Road/Route 36 improvements beginning first with a construction duration of about one year. The Wayside Road connection and deceleration lane will be started second and construction will likely last for about two years.

They have said the roads will likely be widened to accommodate the increased summer traffic and that construction should take place after "peak hours."


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