Oceanport OEM: Storm Potentially 'Very Dangerous'

The borough's emergency management shares some things residents should begin thinking about before the storm hits.

Oceanport Mayor Michael Mahon passed along the latest from the borough's OEM:

Potential continues for a very dangerous autumn storm system to affect the region early next week.
• This storm will be associated with what is currently Hurricane Sandy. This storm, if it moves toward us, will bring multiple threats to the region:
• Strong damaging wind gusts
• Extremely heavy rainfall
• Major flooding along streams and rivers
• Major coastal flooding (full moon occurs on October 29)
• The eventual track of this storm will determine the area which is impacted. This far out in time, there is still some uncertainty with the storm track. However, the likelihood of the storm affecting our region has once again increased over the past 24 hours.

Things to focus on about this storm:
•A very large region will be affected by very strong winds.
•Reflecting its tropical beginnings, very heavy rainfall will occur with the storm.
•The storm will be slow moving. This worsens the impact for coastal flooding as it will affect multiple high tide cycles. This worsens the potential for heavy rainfall inland and increases the risk of major river flooding.
•The area affected will be determined by the track of the storm. There is still some uncertainty about the track of the storm. However, the threat to our region has once again increased over the past 24 hours. The potential for the core of the storm to have extremely strong winds and torrential rainfall has also increased.

Things you need to think about now:
•Engage in preparedness activities. Review your Family Emergency Plan and update as needed.
•Be prepared to evacuate if local officials instruct you to do so.
•Be prepared for potential long-term power outages.
•Leaves! There a lot of leaves on the ground. Leaves are excellent material to clog/block storm drains, worsening local/neighborhood flooding. Residents, please get leaves and any other obstructing materials away from storm drains before this storm arrives. DPW is collecting as much as possible prior to storm, but your cooperation is needed.

Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.


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