Little Silver Moves to Keep New Home Sizes in Check

A "tweaking" of the land use ordinance now includes entire floor space of a home to determine what conforms to lot size.

The Little Silver Borough Council amended the borough's land use ordinance on Monday so that it will now incorporate a proposed new home's entire floor area ratio, and not just its footprint, when determining what conforms to lot size.

"The ordinance will help keep the bulk of new homes going up in check," said Mayor Robert Neff, Jr. during an initial discussion of the amendment at the Sept. 10 council meeting.

According to Little Silver Planning Board Attorney Michael Leckstein, most municipalities use floor area ratio to determine how big a house can be on a specific lot. The council took advantage of a window that allowed the borough to re-examine its master plan and make the changes without having to notice residents who would be affected by the amendment.

"This is a golden opportunity to do it," said Leckstein. "It's been on our agenda for years."

The ordinance will affect homes zoned R-2 and R-3, described on the borough's zoning map as "medium density residential." The R-2 Zone consists of streets like Winding Way and Prince Place, while R-3 Zone roadways include Salem Lane and Woodbine Avenue. (See map at right for detailed zoning in the borough).

"This adds a new parameter you have to meet which was not there before," said Councilman Don Galante in an e-mail Wednesday.

Dentss Dunnagun September 27, 2012 at 01:55 PM
Besides this being a great idea ,it also makes land use more restrictive less valuable hence lower assessments ....
John Galt September 27, 2012 at 09:47 PM
First time caller but I couldn't help myself. How is putting more restrictions on law abiding tax payers a good thing? Who is paying the mortgage? And why stop there? All houses in Little Silver must be painted white with black shudders. ( dark green with a variance) What is next, more permit fees and fines for the townsfolk. The weekly lawn cutting permit and a fine if you don't cut your lawn on the assigned day (with the permit). The permit must be posted on a small billboard on your front lawn for the inspector to scrutinize . Oh you need a permit for the billboard and a permit to change the posting of the permit on your billboard. The town has gone digital so you can pay for your permits on line each week through the town website. The proceeds from the permits will go to 2 new hires that will be collecting the fees from home owners that don't have internet access. Your comment about the lower assessments is a peach. I guess the town workers and teachers union have negotioated a pay scale that is correlated to the property values in Little Silver. I guess we could just fire a few teachers or tell some of the families in the bigger houses that their kids can't go to school anymore. Enlighten me my Comrade.


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