Little Silver Mayor Looks Ahead to New Year in Verse

Mayor Robert C. Neff also recalled some of 2013's highlights.

By Christopher Sheldon

Little Silver Mayor Robert Neff has found a unique way to remember 2013 and look forward to 2014.

During last week's annual reorganization meeting, Neff gave the audience a look back and forward through the use of verse.

Here is in entire verse recited during the meeting:

The years bring change, though thankfully, this year not so abrupt,  
We kept our own sure pace this time, no Sandy to interrupt.

Little monsters roamed the streets - a trick, or else a treat!

Roads were clear, flood waters gone, and most of us had heat.

Slow change marked two-naught-thirteen, disasters happened elsewhere, 
Though recovery for some is slow, some still in disrepair.

This year we lost two volunteers, who helped us every day, 
Gerry Deverin left the field, George Drawbaugh’d planned to stay. 

Retirement took Gail Spencer from our library stacks, 
And Helen Gormley’s desk was bare - we hope both can now relax. 

But work continues, new faces help, Kim Jungfer takes the reigns, 
Emily Mazzoni’s here, our library posts great gains.

In town our citizens stayed safe, thanks twice to cops off duty, 
Mike Lahey’s barefoot chase ran down, the perpetrator’s booty!

At school kindergarten lasts a full day, not just half, 
And down the street, a bridge was built, its road was paved, at last.

At Parker House, we got to step into a time long past, 
To see our future come to life, and an ice boat’s antique mast.

A speedy Little Silver girl, took the women’s 5k race, 
Was she 11, maybe 12? Catherine Wimmer set the pace.

Signs bright with news at Borough Hall and by the Fire House, 
A town with lots to say, it seems, must do so now, by mouse.

What’s up this year? The lights, for sure, a winery’s been proposed, 
A theater – or two - to take the place, of buildings now bulldozed?

Monte Edwards and his folks hand off to Sickles, Wells, Pardee, 
The Homestead’s goal, to bring to all, our town’s rich history.

A ladder truck arriving soon, musicians in the park, 
And Little League has come to town, rec always hits its mark.

So for Rick, and Dane, and David, and for Stuart, Dan, and Don, 
We wish you peace and cheer this year, Little Silver marches on!


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