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Letter to the Editor: Invest in Tracks, Not Atlantic City

In the wake of the Monmouth Park lease breakdown, trainer makes plea to Gov. Christie to save horse racing industry.

Dear Governor Christie,

I am going to try and clear a few things up for you. Your decision not to put slots in at the Meadowlands and compete with New York is the main problem with all of horse racing, trotters and thoroughbred alike. If you used common sense and were not worried about what Atlantic City could do for you, you would allow the slots at the Meadowlands and be bringing in millions of dollars in taxes to help with what is needed. 

Please spare us with that cheap line you used about millionaire horsemen taking money away from waiters, waitresses, police and teachers. You should fire whoever wrote that for you, you are better than that. 

The way it looks from the outside is that Atlantic City is either lining your pockets or you have a plan to take over the Meadowlands, have the slots and exclude the horsemen. So which is it?

The state has been running and the Meadowlands for years and if it has been losing money, I would say that it has been poorly managed. You keep paying top dollar salaries to people that I wouldn't let walk one of my horses. They have kept the same group of people at the helm that have no new ideas and no vision and then wonder why the tracks are losing money.  

Everyone in America except for you knows that Atlantic City is in deep trouble and... you invest a couple hundred million of taxpayer money in a casino? The casinos in Atlantic City are even investing in other casinos in nearby states. They see the writing on the wall why don't you?

I played golf with one of your top advisers Dave Samson down here in Aiken S.C. He is a very good man and I see why you chose him to head your transition team and the Sports Authority. I am not going to repeat what was said on number seven at Palmetto Golf Course but I would like you to ask him what he thinks of your big " Tourism Idea" at Atlantic City. Keep in mind that you hired him as an advisor and he is very good at it and then listen to him.

In this particular instance, I think he is much wiser than you. He has no chips at the table and can make a much clearer decision than you who apparently have quite a few chips at the table. Dave is an honorable man and he will give you sound advice if you simply ask him for it.   

Sorry if this letter comes across as a little angry but the people are simply tired of all the BS that goes on with the politics.

The best thing for New Jersey, the racetracks and for you would be for the state to keep the tracks, open up a casino at the Meadowlands and have the business thrive like it is in New York right now. The horsemen wouldn't even mind if the casinos in Atlantic City were invested and part of the project.

If there is a valid reason that you don't want to put slots at the Meadowlands then simply let us know and we will accept it. are a bunch of smoke and mirrors and the citizens of New Jersey deserve the truth. I truly believe this is a critical move for you and I hope you make the right one.

Dave told me you were a great guy and had a good sense of humor. I have watched you on the news and in interviews and have a great deal of respect for you and think you could be a great leader. The only hole I see in your political agenda, outside of those little snaps you have every now and then, is this Atlantic City thing.

A man of character and a leader does not fold on his values and principles for any reason and I feel like this is, in a way, judgement day for you. A strong man is never afraid to admit his mistakes and change his path and Governor Christie I am hoping you are a strong man.

If you continue down the road you are taking, you fall right in line with a long list of men and women who had very weak principles, no character and undeserving of being in office. For our country and for you I hope you make the right call.

We might need you to run this country one day but that offer is only good for a man with a True and Strong Character, a man of Honor.

Good Luck and All the Best,  Glenn Thompson


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