DOT: Route 35, 36 Intersection Construction Complete

Intersection is open in its final configuration

The Route 35/36 intersection construction project in Eatontown is complete after more than two years of work, according to the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT).

The work began in April 2010, with the purpose of realigning and widening the existing intersection to "improve operational performance, reduce congestion and enhance safety," NJDOT Spokesman Timothy Greeley said.

"All of the major construction components of the project have been completed and the intersection is opened in it's new, final configuration," Greeley said. "The contractor is still on scene finishing punchlist items, cleaning up the area and closing out the contract, but the project is essentially done."

The $15 million road project .

Specific improvements provided at the intersection include:

  • The realignment of all Route 35 travel lanes to the west, creating a straighter, more perpendicular intersection.
  • New dual left-turn lanes along Route 35 southbound to replace the existing loop ramp in the southwest quadrant of the intersection.
  • A deceleration lane along Route 35 northbound leading to a new ramp and acceleration lane, allowing a free-flow connection to Route 36 eastbound.
  • A new loop-ramp connecting Route 36 eastbound to Route 35 northbound – this movement previously did not exist at the intersection.
  • Extension of the existing left-most (third) lane on Route 36 eastbound, which previously ended approximately 800 feet east of the intersection causing unsafe conditions and bottleneck traffic.
  • Reconstruction of the existing traffic signal to accommodate the new lane configuration at the intersection.
  • Upgrades provided to the traffic signals at the Route 35/Monmouth Mall entrance intersection and the Route 36/NJ Motor Vehicle Commission facility intersection.
  • New sidewalks and cross walks provided and access modifications made to commercial property driveways throughout the intersection.

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Joseph Mahmah July 26, 2012 at 08:33 PM
this whole project was a waste of time and money. it didn't help anything, its just as bad if not worse. the people who designed this should not be paid anything for this sloppy joke of a construction project. it took 2 years for sidewalks that end nowhere, lots of storm drains and a huge mosquito breading ground drainage pit that will probably be replaced at a cost to taxpayers with an over pass that should of been done the first time around. its grid locked hours before and after peek travel times and the light timing is painfully off. the wall st turn next to Fortunoff is a hazard for anyone trying to go straight, you cant see without pulling into oncoming traffic. many many cars cut through best buys parking lot to get to wall st. right lane abruptly ends before homedepot plaza causing near accidents ever day. i could go on and on, like i said its a bad joke d.o.t should be ashamed! taxpayers money wasted on this halfhearted attempt at a fix. who is responsible for the design of this? low bidder just like every other state county and local contract. what do we expect from the lowest bidder except for them to cash the check correctly.
Brian Walter July 26, 2012 at 10:05 PM
I didn't see any White castle on Rt 36. Michael. Where is it?
Joseph Mahmah July 26, 2012 at 10:25 PM
i don't see any kidsЯus on rt 36, where is it Brian? solution #1 go right onto 35 south , take the mall jug handle, then turn right onto the new bypass road that outputs to wall and parker and pray there are no cars doing 55 trying to get into the best buy lot ready to ram you. #2 continue down 36 to rt 71 and proceed that way and sit in the traffic. or just cut through best buy like every other dip shiza on the road, if a police officer wanted to have a field day he could ticket every one of the people who do that (39:4-66.2) "Driving on public or private property to avoid a traffic sign or signal"
Thomas A. Blasi July 27, 2012 at 12:32 AM
As you know, this is the second attempt to alleviate traffic; the first attempt was the demolition of the original traffic circle. In a year or two it will become obvious that this 15 million dollar extravaganza is only going to be obsolete because it will encourage more vehicular traffic in the area and not eliminate the primary cause of traffic delays; traffic lights. What the state should have opted for was to create an under over pass (design) at routes 35 & 36 whereby keeping route 35 at the level it now is but subordinating route 36. They should have began the route 36 decline commencing at hope road so that it could continue under Wyckoff road, under route 35, under Monmouth Road and slowly begin to elevate to ground level at Monmouth Park. This would make it possible for individuals to exit the Garden State Parkway and continue on a straight run to Monmouth Park without tying up traffic. It would also eliminate the other massive traffic through Eatontown, West Long Branch and Tinton Falls. This sort of highway configuration is not thinking out of the box, it’s a matter of common sense and looking ahead.
Jane Sanders October 08, 2012 at 11:59 AM
What a mess. DOT can't even mow the grass on the median of 36, how will they ever maintain the unsightly detention basins? I was at the Vitamin Shoppe and wanted to go to Best Buy. I had to loop around the half circle but then would have had to make a diagonal to get into the left lane to make the left turn. So I had to drive past he mall until I found an odd u-turn that took me into the mall road system, where I made a left Friday's then had to make my way back to the circle to get to Best Buy. What a disgrace.


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