Suspicious Phone Call Reported, Oceanport Police Say

The Oceanport Police say a someone tried to gather personal information about a resident by phone last week.

A suspicious phone call, marijuana possession and contempt of court arrests round out some of the incidents responded to last week.

Sept. 3

  • Robert J. Ruffus, 27, was stopped at East Main Street and Lake Drive at 5 p.m. and an investigation revealed Ruffus had an active warrant out of Red Bank Municipal Court. The subject was placed under arrest, transported to police headquarters and released pending bail.

Sept. 5

  • A Hiawatha Avenue resident reported a suspicious phone call at 10:05 a.m. According to records, an unknown male tried to get personal information verified over the phone. The resident gave no information and contacted the police.
  • Jason T. Evans, 26, Long Branch, was arrested after an investigation stemming from a motor vehicle stop revealed that he had an
    active warrant out of Lake Como Municipal Court. After being placed under arrest, the subject was searched and a substance indicative to marijuana was found.
  • Francisco Gomez, Jr., 23, Long Branch, Was stopped on Eatontown Boulevard after a random plate inquiry revealed an active warrant for the registered owner. The subject was arrested, transported to police headquarters, processed and released after posting bail.

Sept. 7

  • A Comanche Drive resident reported that following a garage sale at his home several days earlier, several tools and pieces of fishing equipment was missing from the garage. The matter in under investigation by the Oceanport Detective Bureau.

Speeding Enforcement Initiative:

Speeding Enforcement Stats for the week of September 3 – September 10:
51 Radar Enforcement Details (Number of times officer setup to run radar. Not number of stops)
24 Summonses issued

These stats do not include routine traffic stops and the summons generated during those stops.



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