SLIDESHOW: Back to School at Point Road (Or the Most Wonderful Time of the Year)

It was all about traffic control both inside and outside of Point Road on Thursday for the first day of school.

The first day of school over at , which and school officials had been planning for all summer, hoping to allay traffic congestion due to the , turned out to be pretty uneventful on Thursday. . But that was small and put out quickly and slowed things down for about 20 minutes along Willow Drive.

"Next week will be the true test," said Police Chief Daniel Shaffery, who was standing at the end of Little Silver Point Road near the giant "Bridge Out" sign and monitoring the flow of traffic early Thursday morning. "On the first day of school, everyone is coming early to park and take pictures."

When parents start dropping off next week, said Shaffery, police will begin to see whether theiris effective in easing traffic congestion through town.

"We're trying to limit the amount of traffic coming down here," said Shaffery.

Inside the school building, staff members like School Clerk Debi Pomerleau and Curriculum Supervisor Angie Rosen helped students get where they needed to be. In a change from previous years, third and fourth graders bypassed finding their classes in the multipurpose room and lined up instead in the hallways outside their new classrooms.

The move, said Lynne Thompson who's the school secretary, was an attempt to ease traffic within the building on the first day.



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