OP Police Head Off Rumors of BB Gun Shootings

The department took to social media to dispel rumors of numerous shootings around town.

Oceanport Police took to social media Friday to dispel rumors of numerous BB gun shootings in the borough.

The post on the department's Facebook wall was in response to posts made on the Oceanport Residents' page that there had been 12 incidents , Capt. Daniel Barcus told Patch.

There have only been three reported incidents of possible BB gun shootings "over a several month period," according to the Facebook post. They include a recent report of a shattered glass door, damage to an outdoor glass dining table and several months ago a driver reported that someone might have shot at him with a BB gun.

"No evidence has been retrieved from any incident proving, or disproving, that a BB gun was used," according to the post.

The police department encouraged residents to report all suspicious activity.


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