Oceanport PD Clarify Wolf Hill Lock Down

The department says it will take all reports of suspicious behavior or incidents seriously.

Wednesday's lock down at Wolf Hill School was precipitated by an unconfirmed report by a "young" student of a suspicious person "possibly with a handgun," according to a statement released by police.

"Although there is nothing to confirm that this incident did occur, there is also nothing to confirm that it did not occur," said Oceanport Police Capt. Daniel Barcus. "The Police Department will not ignore this report and will investigate the matter as if it did occur."

While officers responded to the school and conducted a "perimeter lockdown," Barcus said there was a time delay before the student notified staff of the alleged male in a fenced-off yard adjacent to the school. No other students or staff reported seeing any suspicious individuals nearby.

Officers checked not only the Wolf Hill grounds but also the area surrounding Maple Place School but no unauthorized individuals were found.

Residents whose home the alleged suspect had been observed in told police they had not observed anyone in their yard.

Police encourage anyone to report any suspicious persons or incidents.

Barcus will be at Thursday night's board of education meeting, to be held at 7:00 in the Maple Place School Media Center, to discuss the incident.

"The police will continue to investigate this incident and will continue to show a presence in our schools," said Barcus. "We will continue to work with School Administrators and staff to ensure the safest possible environment for our students, staff and parents."


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