Moving Van Downs Wires on Park Road

Police close off the road; advise no one walk through

A moving van traveling down Park Road in Fair Haven downed a cluster of telephone cable wires at about 3 p.m., Fair Haven Police Sgt. Robert Townshend said at the scene.

"No one was hurt, and there are no live wires that we know of," Townshend said. "The call came in as electrical wires, but they're telephone cable wires. Just as a precaution, we do not want anyone to get near them, so the street has been blocked off. It's a mangled mess over there."

The AB Moving truck apparently did not have enough height clearance to get through under the wires. The moving van was still sitting in the spot where the wires were downed, the frayed cables draped over the van and onto the street and neighborning lawns. The driver's side door of the van remained open from when the driver was removed.

Police were waiting at the scene for telephone linemen to arrive and repair the cables and a check to determine, for certain, whether any live wires were in the mix.

In addition to police, Fair Haven Fire Police responded to the scene as well as First Aid Squad members.


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