County PD Asks Residents to Participate in Online Natural Disaster Survey

Monmouth County residents can now learn more about an all natural hazards-mitigation plan for the county and its 53 municipalities, and, complete an online citizen survey.

Monmouth County Police are looking to residents to update the all-natural hazards plan through an online survey.

The plan is funded through a grant program from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It outlines natural hazards specific to the Monmouth County area and a plan to deal with each one.

"The primary hazard in Monmouth County is flooding, but other potential hazards to be analyzed include drought, extreme cold, extreme heat, snow, ice, hail, windstorms Nor’Easters, hurricanes, tropical storms and tornadoes, among others," according to a county news release.

The survey helps the Office of Emergency Management assess the needs of the county and create a more comprehensive program for disasters such as flooding. The online assessment is a 15 question survey.

The plan and survey can be found on the Monmouth County Sheriff website.

Sal October 20, 2012 at 05:22 PM
The survey has been "rigged" by the Monmouth County Sheriff. No mater if you check off Yes or No on question #15 Do you want more money spent on Mitigation___ the only answer that is allowed in the "rigged" survey is YES___if you click on the NO box it registers as YES anyway. Try it. Now the question is: Why did the County Sheriff rig the questionnaire???? Can we trust him???? It appears the one and only sole purpose of the questionnaire and survey is so the County can then say___'We the People' want them to spend MORE money based upon their "rigged" survey.


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