Stormy Skies, Seas at Sea Bright Beach

The beach, now unguarded, still attracted swimmers, surfers. Check out the tide tables and weather forecast for the weekend.

While Hurricane Leslie is not expected to touch down in the Sea Bright area, signs of her distant presence were evident on the beach Thursday afternoon.

Across the ocean, a band of haze wrapped itself on the horizon with the NY skyline still in view. The tide was high, with some evident erosion along the shore, but the waves were low.

A sign posted at the entrance of the public beach warned beachgoers that the ocean is now unguarded. Yet, several people waded and a few surfed as seagulls scavenged crabs and remnants of fish that had washed in with the tide.

Below is a tide tables for Sea Bright from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Web site:

 Date Day  Time     Hgt  09/06 Thu 01:25 AM 3.02 H 09/06 Thu 07:03 AM 0.54 L 09/06 Thu 01:42 PM 3.29 H 09/06 Thu 07:53 PM 0.75 L 09/07 Fri 02:13 AM 2.86 H 09/07 Fri 07:43 AM 0.73 L 09/07 Fri 02:27 PM 3.19 H 09/07 Fri 08:49 PM 0.9 L  Date Day  Time     Hgt  09/07 Fri 02:13 AM 2.86 H 09/07 Fri 07:43 AM 0.73 L 09/07 Fri 02:27 PM 3.19 H 09/07 Fri 08:49 PM 0.9 L 09/08 Sat 03:03 AM 2.74 H 09/08 Sat 08:35 AM 0.88 L 09/08 Sat 03:15 PM 3.12 H 09/08 Sat 09:55 PM

0.95 L

09/09 Sun 03:55 AM 2.68 H 09/09 Sun 09:43 AM 0.94 L 09/09 Sun 04:06 PM 3.1 H 09/09 Sun 10:58 PM 0.89 L

For the Sea Bright shores, the National Weather Service predicts sunny skies Friday, with humidity and temperatures at a high of 82 degrees. A southern wind is expected to bring in breezes of five to 10 miles per hour.

Cloudy weather with a chance of showers and thunderstorms is predicted for Saturday. The temperature is expected to hit 81 degrees, with afternoon southern winds hitting the beach at up to 18 miles per hour.

Skies are expected to clear up, as will humidity, on Sunday with mostly sunny weather and high temperatures nearing 76 degrees and a northwest wind of roughly 16 miles per hour.

Take a look at the above photo gallery for a glimpse into the day at the beach and the far-away signs of Leslie.

Bill Dowd September 08, 2012 at 08:01 PM
I like the Sea Bright beaches. Its nice to sit on the beach with a cocktail.


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