Little Silver Sets Voluntary Evacuation for Low-Lying Areas

A mandatory evacuation could be in place by 4 p.m. Sunday.

Residents in areas prone to flooding in Little Silver are being encouraged to evacuate due to anticipated severe flooding from Hurricane Sandy.

The voluntary evacuation bulletin was issued through Two River Alert by the borough police on Saturday afternoon.

Evacuation is targeted specifically to residents in low-lying areas of the borough that are prone to flooding.

A mandatory evacuation could be issued by 4 p.m. Sunday.

Little Silver Mayor Robert C. Neff, Jr. told Patch by e-mail that public works has been working since Thursday to clear potential problems with leaf piles and brush in streets. Residents should refrain from piling leaves or brush in the streets "and to pull back any piles that may currently be in place, so as to avoid clogged storm drains."

Police stress that residents should only call the department for emergencies.


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