Five Things To Know Today, May 11

No Rain! Flo, Songs, Kitchens, Voices... Dog Days? Over.

No Rain! No Rain!

You Neil Young fans know what I'm talking about. Another sunny day in Little Silver and Oceanport, with highs in the mid 60s, according to the National Weather Service. No rain... at least not until Friday.

Today Yesterday

Today in 1820, Florence Nightengale was born in Florence, Italy, according to the History Channel. Don't be fooled by her birthplace -- Flo was a Brit -- considered the founder of modern nursing, as she established the first professional nursing school at London's St. Thomas' hospital in 1860.

Songs of Spring

If you missed the student concert at Maple Place in Oceanport last night, you missed a heck of a show. Composer Patrick Burns was in the house, conducting Mrs. Ruggeri's group through numbers he wrote specifically for the Maple Place band. Ms. Siegel's chorus also brought the house down with their renditions of Beatles songs and a dance routine from the musical "Hairspray."

We've got footage and we're going to be posting a song at a time, so you're in for some treats over the next few days.

Kitchen Tour

What? You haven't signed up for the yet? Surely you jest. Run, don't walk, do not pass "GO," do not collect $200, just head directly to PayPal and buy a $40 ticket already. The price goes up to $45 tomorrow, so just save the fiver and buy yourself an ice cream cone at or to top off the awesome cuisine you're going to sample on Friday. All proceeds benefit the children of Little Silver via the PTO.

Local Voices

If you're passionate about something, Patch wants you to be heard. We've created a special section for you to blog called "Local Voices," which you may have noticed by now, as Oceanport history buff John Bonforte has told you about , and Little Silver realtor Phil Von Schondorf has told you .

is simple, and before long, your writing be published and possibly even featured on the site.

Additionally, if you are a writer, photographer, or videographer looking to work for Patch, or if you have a news tip, please e-mail me at Greg.Kulaga@patch.com.


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