Six Month Smiles: Adult Cosmetic Braces

Six Month Smiles is a new process for straightening out teeth cosmeticaly and creating a beautiful smile.

 A Beautiful Smile is Closer Then You Think. If your teeth are crooked or crowded, you probably think about your smile a lot. Like every time you’re introduced to someone new, or have to give a presentation at work, or you’re part of a group photo.. It’s hard not to feel embarrassed. So you try to keep your lips closed or cover your mouth with your hand. And you end up smiling a whole lot less than you’d like – with the result that people think you’re shy or cold or even stuck-up. That’s certainly what I’ve heard from other patients time and time again. Of course they’ve thought about braces – and I suspect you have, too. But most of them just couldn’t put up with the way traditional braces look, or the expense – not to mention how long people sometimes have to wear them. So I’ve really enjoyed giving them some very good
news. Fast Forward to a Perfect Smile You see, today it’s possible to get a smile you’re proud to share faster and more affordably than ever before, thanks to an exciting new orthodontic approach called Six Month Smiles. Unlike traditional metal braces, which can take as long as two or more years to work, or clear aligners, which typically take between 10 and 18 months, Six Month Smiles braces, as their name implies, take an average
of just six months to do the job gently, safely and virtually invisibly. The Six Month Smiles strategy combines proven orthodontic techniques that have been used successfully for over 60 years with high tech materials to speed you to a perfect smile. With Six Month Smiles braces we use small clear or tooth-colored brackets that are attached to your teeth. A slim, tooth-colored high tech wire attaches to the brackets and exerts a gentle, continuous pressure. They’re nearly invisible. (Most patients tell me people either don’t notice or think they’re wearing a retainer.) And they work simply, effectively and fast. The focus of treatment is your front teeth – the ones people see when you smile. This allows
us to achieve excellent results quickly and helps keep costs down. The fact that Six Month Smiles braces use fewer materials and requires fewer office visits than either traditional braces or clear aligners, helps control costs as well – with
the result that they can be a lot more affordable than other techniques. Gentle and Comfortable Most patients like the way that sounds. But almost all of them ask the same question: “How can these new braces work so fast?” In fact most people figure we simply tighten the braces more aggressively and more often – which is simply not the case. In fact, doing that would be bad for your teeth and very uncomfortable for you. Instead, Six Month Smiles braces exert a gentle, even, continuous pressure to achieve great results safely and comfortably. What’s more, because the pressure is so gentle and the course of treatment so short, they’re actually safer for your teeth than more aggressive treatments. As for the results? Patients say they love their new smiles – and their new sense of confidence.

If you’d love a smile you could be proud of – and you’d love getting it comfortably quickly and affordably, call for a complimentary consultation (Value $75.00) and we will be happy to discuss the process with you. This offer expires December 15, 2012.










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