Serve Yourself at Sadie’s Yogurt Lounge

An Oceanport family opened the self-serve yogurt shop in Middletown's Union Square Shopping Center.

Following the newest frozen treat trend, one Oceanport family has put its own personal twist on the self-serve yogurt craze.

has been open for less than a month in Middletown but has already created a following with their all-natural, organic and homemade yogurt flavors.

“As parents, we feel strongly about offering something that we ourselves would give our kids,” said Michelle McMullin, owner of Sadie’s Yogurt Lounge.

The McMullin family of Oceanport, is no stranger to the ice cream business. Formally owning local Dairy Queens and Rita’s locations, the family eventually opened its own ice cream store, Gracie and the Dudes in Sea Bright. Despite the family’s experience in the ice cream business, McMullin admits that self-serve yogurt has had its own learning curve, especially when it comes to educating customers about fat-free yogurt.

“Many customers think that if it is fat-free it won’t taste good," she explained. “Our goal is to be known as offering a quality product and to show people that even though it is fat-free, it tastes good.”

Offering classic yogurt flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, Sadie steps her flavors up a notch with root beer, lemon bar and tropical sorbet. Flavor changes will happen frequently at Sadie’s and customers can expect to see flavors like pistachio, black raspberry and cotton candy on the machines soon.

Aside from offering patrons a range of fat-free and organic yogurt flavors, Sadie’s Yogurt Lounge is looking to get involved in the community and is open for families, organizations and teams to come in and make use of the brightly decorated space, clean stations and seating areas.

“We have had a really successful turn out so far,” said McMullin. “To give back to the community, we are starting to work with the high schools and once a week we will give 20 percent of our sales for the night to the booster club. We are looking for any opportunity to get involved in the community.”

Sadie’s Yogurt Lounge is located off Route 35 in the Union Square Shopping Center. More information about the store can be found in its Facebook page


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