Patch Peeps: Joanna Frantz Brings Southern Hospitality to The Manicured Woman

Being in the nail business for many years, Frantz offers a very personal touch to her clients at The Manicured Woman in Monmouth Beach.

Walking into The Manicured Woman, located at 29 Beach Rd. in Monmouth Beach, is like walking into someone’s living room. The place has a very comfortable feel. Creating this atmosphere is the owner Joanna Frantz.

Born in Bangkok, Joanna was raised for the most part in Georgia. Currently living in Long Branch with her husband and three children (2 daughters and a son), Joanna would help her mother out by doing the nails of her mom’s clients for tips as a teenager.

Working as a Nail Tech in a salon in Little Silver became a real eye-opener for Joanna when she decided to start her own business. After receiving a blessing from her boss, the relationship between the two of them became very rocky.

Driving home from work one night, Joanna decided to pull over due to the weather. She ended up parking in front of the location that she ended up owning for 12 years and counting.

Initially, The Manicured Woman was just a Nail Salon. It was only 2 years ago when Joanna brought hairstyling into the shop. “Skin care was added only three months ago,” explained Joanna. Now, The Manicured Woman is a full-service salon.

“I never found that southern hospitality that I grew up with at any of the salons I visited,” stated Joanna. “We are warm and friendly here and we will do whatever you need to have done. I hate feeling like just another number.”

Unlike other salons, The Manicured Woman is open on Monday. Instead of the customary 2 late nights, Joanna’s business is open late on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Not only do they have Sunday hours, but they are open until 6 p.m. on Saturday. Don’t let the hours fool you because they will accommodate most schedules.

After Labor Day, The Manicured Woman will be running a promotion from 7 p.m. until midnight on Mondays. This is designed for those ladies that aren’t interested in watching Monday Night Football. By the way, did I mention that you can show up in your pajamas?

Joanna, with very good reason, doesn’t hire just anyone. Hairdresser Tiffany has been working with Joanna for a long time. Joanna was able to convince Tiffany to leave her old place of employment to work here.

“Employees must continue their education, be good at what they do, want to work and have some personality,” emphasized Joanna. “Loyalty is also very important.”

“One of our hairdressers is an educator,” stated Joanna. The products that they sell and use are the real deal. LCN Nails and Obliphica Hair Care Products are prime examples.

When it comes to skin care, The Manicured Woman uses the 100 percent organic Eminence line. Endorsed by Katherine Heigl, founder Boldijarre Koronczay and Eminence have won numerous awards.

“We offer the original Brazilian Blowout, which started the craze,” explained Joanna. Some of their other services include Eyelash Extensions, Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting and a Brazilian Custom Wax.

It is important to know that they also service men and children. Also, any gift certificates that are purchased never expire!

“If you have a happy customer, they may tell their best friend. However, if you have an unhappy customer, they will tell all of their friends,” added Joanna. “You should tell somebody at the location you had your hair done, if you don’t like the way it came out.”

Thinking about where she grew up, Joanna stated, “I miss the southern food.” Her mom had owned a Thai restaurant at one time. She then proceeded to reminisce about the BBQ sauce, peach cobblers, boiled peanuts and Brunswick Stew.

Even though Joanna is a working owner, family is very important to her. Every year, her family visits relatives in Georgia.

“I love to just cuddle with my girls when I go home,” concluded Joanna. “I’m in a good place.”  

One really needs to visit this salon to experience the warmth and kindness that exists behind their front door. In addition, they haven’t increased their prices in 5 years!

For more information about The Manicured Woman, contact the salon at (732) 222-0008.


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