Bites Nearby: Bond Street Bar

Asbury Park bar offers economy-friendly drinks and food menu.

I've been frequenting Bond Street Bar since it reopened after many years last Spring, serving the local community as a small place with affordable prices and a suprisingly decent selection of very affordable and unique bar food. 

There is not much on the drink menu that is above $6, nor is there ANYTHING on the food menu above $6, which is right up my alley during the recession. If you like the bar scene, Bond reminds me of small bars in the lower east side that sell cheap booze as a way to draw a lot of the locals on a budget. 

What makes them different, though, is their way of making bar food with good quality ingredients, and still having good quality beers on tap for a price more affordable than anywhere else in the area.

Whenever I go to Bond, I always enjoy a Longtrail IPA.  Regardless of the fact it is one of my favorite tap beers, here it is only $4 as opposed to other bars that may have it for $5, or upwards of $6 or $7 a pint. All of their draft beers are served in mason jars, which tend to all be of pint status. 

The most recent visit, the specials menu had enough mouth watering selections that I had to order off of it. They have gourmet grilled cheeses at Bond, with a variety on their every day menu. This particular day, though, their special grilled cheese was made with goat cheese, roasted red pepper, and ham. The sour creaminess of goat cheese with the salty ham may seem like overkill -- but really, it was heaven on earth. What a savory and sinful way to have one of my most favorite comfort foods! 

My friends and I also split some noshes, of a crispy chicken taco, green bean fries with a side of honey chipotle ranch, and a random "I've never heard of it" serving of Pork Roll Fries and a side of garlic aioli.  Yes, they are exactly what they sound like -- thick slices of pork roll cut into strips and fried.  (I could only have so many...but then again something like this is usually only $3 or $4). 

The regular menu includes not only the grilled cheese selection, but a variety of burgers, sandwiches, and sides.  Notable burger mentions are the BS Burger (mushroom, onion, cheddar, and chipotle sauce), Big Kahuna Burger (teriyaki sauce, grilled pineapple, and swiss), Salmwich (salmon burger with wasabi mayo) or the veggie burger for the animal lovers (topped with mixed greens and marinated tomatoes). 

My friend ordered an old school Patty Melt, served between slices of grilled bread and topped with bacon and fried onions.  In the sandwich category, I would try the Pulled Pork served with homemade slaw, or the Smoked Brisket Monte Cristo. There are six different kind of grilled cheese, notably the bacon, apple, and blue cheese, artichoke, sundried tomato, and mozzarella, turkey mushroom and swiss, or of course, the classic grilled cheese.

Their sides are always a good accompaniment. They are all only $3, and you can choose from sweet potato fries, sweet tater tots, beer battered onion rings, shoestring fries, potato wedges, corn dog, fried pickles, or black bean salad.  They also offer a chopped veggie salad for those that are still trying to remain health conscious in a bar setting. 

Really, they have something for anyone.  I highly recommend their extensive specials menu which rotates daily, as you never know what you may be in the mood for.  The special grilled cheese was definitely worth it. Go to Bond Street for a nice, good cold brew, and great comfort food. Your stomach and your wallet will thank you.


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