A Watchdog Required

The monopoly Republican Freeholder Board needs a watchdog.

I would like to thank the over four hundred Democrats from every Town and District in Monmouth County who nominated me at the convention this past Saturday to run for Monmouth County Freeholder in the November election.

The monopoly control of any political body by one political party is not healthy and leads, inevitably, to corruption. The Republicans now have an unchallenged and unhealthy monopoly on the Freeholder Board. And they have tried to abuse that advantage for the benefit of their friends. A Democratic watchdog is minimally required to provide necessary sunlight and oversight on their actions.

Here are some examples. The current Lucas land deal is the latest Board scandal. But when it first came up for a Freeholder vote several years ago, the only Freeholder who voted against it was the only Democrat, Amy Mallet. If not for Amy, this sleazy deal might have slipped by without notice. Then, once Amy left the Board, the Republican monopoly voted quickly to repeal its ‘pay for play’ ethical prohibitions. And it was the Democrats that pointed out the long term misfeasance in the Republican Monmouth County Clerk’s office regarding voter ballot positioning.

The duty of the minority party is to be a watchdog on the majority.

Here are some abilities I can bring to the role of resident watchdog on the Freeholder Board.

On the current Freeholders Board we have a landscaper, a car dealer, a salesman, a real estate agent, and a lawyer. These are all fine professions and small businesses to be represented on the Board. But none of these members are educated or experienced on the accounting, finance, or management skills needed to monitor the half billion dollar enterprise which is Monmouth County.   

I have a degree in finance and an advanced degree in accounting and law and I was an auditor with the largest accounting firms in the world. And I know about monitoring government agencies. I performed special audits of the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) here in New Jersey and of the Board of Education in New York City. Both of those audits uncovered real problems in those agencies.

I also know about controlling large organization as well as small. I served as a controller of a subsidiary of a New York Stock Exchange company. And, besides starting my own small business, I managed multi-billion dollar businesses for American Express- one of the most well managed companies in the world.

In short, I will bring important, necessary, and missing education, experience, and management skills to the Freeholder Board.  These are abilities that will help the Board and county agencies and make me a formidable watchdog for the residents of Monmouth County.

I seek your support for this important role.

Brian Froelich

Candidate for Monmouth County Freeholder

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Brian Froelich, Freeholder Candidate March 08, 2013 at 03:14 PM
I didn't say, or even suggest, that all Repubs are bad or that all Dem are good. I am saying that these specific people, who happen to be Republicans, have blatantly violated the public trust. It isn't unusual when you give a group long term monopoly for them to take things for granted and for corruption to creep in. And the Monmouth County Republicans have had control for 30 years. Voters will make the call on who they trust in November.
john jay March 08, 2013 at 05:23 PM
Mr. Froelich - Um, you should read your article again. Among other blatantly Republican bashing statements is: "The Republicans now have an unchallenged and unhealthy monopoly on the Freeholder Board. And they have tried to abuse that advantage for the benefit of their friends. A Democratic watchdog is minimally required to provide necessary sunlight and oversight on their actions." Strong stuff. Don't go hyper technical with the semantics. You are a Democrat and you want Democrats in power, and you are entitled to that position. I just wonder if the Democrats had the monopoly and you were on the board if you'd be hankering for a Republican "Watchdog"?
Fred Stone March 08, 2013 at 05:50 PM
i'd have been hankering for a republican watchdog, back in the 60s when i was a rockefeller republican. now, to be a republican, you have to believe the earth is flat and that the founding fathers wanted every lunatic to own a few assault weapons.
Brian Froelich, Freeholder Candidate March 08, 2013 at 06:10 PM
James. I think you need to read the post again. I am blaming/bashing the specific Republicans involved here for the acts committed here and now- not all Republicans always. And if the Dems had monopoly control and had committed these kind of public breaches, I’m sure that you and others would rightfully be complaining (regardless of what I did or didn’t say.) I am a citizen first and foremost and I want honest, effective government- not semantics. FYI, I have worked against dishonest politicans before- of both parties.
Lawrence J. Furman March 09, 2013 at 12:28 PM
Good government is not a Democratic or Republican issue. Neither is corruption. No party has a monopoly on idealism or cynicism, honesty or corruption. As I see it, citizens and those we elect to represent us need to focus on facts and ideas that can be tested and verified. We need to keep an eye on our representatives, both to keep them honest, and also to keep them focused on doing what's best for the future.


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