The Republican Strategy of Defeat

On November 6, the Republican Party and its leaders suffered a stunning defeat. This defeat clearly exposed the weaknesses and flawed ideology of the GOP.

In the sports arena the way a team and its leaders react to defeat tells far more about their character than a win. Winning is a validation of your values, losing generates the need for deep soul-searching. If you lose and yet refuse to examine the factors that resulted in your defeat then you risk becoming inconsequential. In this way, the sports arena and the political arena are similar.

On November 6, the Republican Party and its leaders suffered a stunning defeat. This defeat clearly exposed the weaknesses and flawed ideology of the GOP.  The established Republican mouthpieces on Fox News, particularly Karl Rove, can only offer delusional excuses as they remain shell-shocked by the extent of their election loss and the agony of watching one state after another go to President Obama and the Senate seats fall away.

It is pure fantasy for the Republicans to interpret their loss as a result of the storm, or NJ Governor Chris Christie, or the ridiculous claim made by Bill O’Reilly of Fox News that the Republicans lost the election because there are too many Black, Latino, and young voters who voted for “free stuff”. These paltry excuses completely ignore the slash and burn ideology that has radicalized the GOP.

The Republicans seem to believe they can throw money at an election and somehow that is supposed to translate into votes, they underestimated the voters. The Republicans tried time and time again to suppress voters, again they underestimated the voters. When state polls indicated their brand was losing they created an alternate reality and sponsored their own polls. These Republican Polls turned out to be nothing but denial or maybe outright lies.

But right up to the point where the GOP was routed by reality they believed their own lies. The reality is that the future is not in the hands of old, white, rural, voters but rather America's diversifying and increasingly liberal youth voters lay claim to the future and that fact alone will likely establish a lasting Democratic majority.

Even more problematic for Republicans is the fact that President Obama won 55% of the women’s vote. Women comprised 53% of the overall count meaning an advantage for Obama of more than 7 million in the women’s vote alone. The GOP needs to get out of peoples' lives and get out of their bedrooms. Republican Senate candidates, Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock cemented the bond between women and the Democratic Party when Mourdock said it was God’s will when a child is conceived by rape and Akin declared that “legitimate” rape rarely causes pregnancy. Both statements elevate stupidity to a level that only Republicans can achieve these days and both of these men lost their bid for Senate seats.

Since the 2008 election, much as been made of the growing importance of Latino voters, apparently the GOP didn’t get the memo. Instead of coming up with a strategy to capture some of this voting block the Republicans decided to systematically alienate Latinos with talk of “self-deportation” and promises to veto the Dream Act. It appears that the Republican Southern Strategy vowing that, if elected, you will cancel a widely celebrated reprieve from deportation for some young immigrants and then calling them ”illegals” every chance you get is not an effective strategy.

The Republicans can’t sit back and hope no one who finds their ideas insulting turns out to vote because they did turn out to vote and represented 10% of the electorate of which 71% went to President Barack Obama. It is critical for the GOP that they run, not walk, from their fanatical “southern strategy” because there is no future in cultivating angry, white, male voters.

The white vote that is the GOP’s traditional electoral foundation dropped to 72% of the turnout, its lowest level ever, while women and Latino voters became the fastest growing segment of the American electorate, an electorate that tilts strongly toward the Democratic Party and will likely allow the Democratic Party to rule the next generation.

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Tony Orsini November 16, 2012 at 07:59 PM
So you think folks should get free medical care and not have to pay? If not, then what is your basis of opposing it? Do you oppose denial on the basis of underlying conditions? Do you think government should not step in when health insurance companies made rapacious profits in a down economy and denying the ill coverage? Are you aware hospitals cannot deny treatment to ANYONE, whether insured or not? Do you know what "cost shifting" is? There are 3 reasons why anyone understanding health insurance reform would oppose it: partisan politics, greed, and ignorance.
OC Raiders November 16, 2012 at 09:38 PM
Bob Griffiths is just telling many of you what the majority has already decided.....that older, conservative, mostly white males no longer dominate politics on the national level. And you had better refresh, turn off the Fox News and the Hannity and the Drudge and get outside and talk to people who won't parrot back the ideology that makes you feel good about being a Republican. The world changes. Adapt. Technology is a wonderful thing and it can give you a cable channel, a radio station and a website that tells you what you want to hear. But even technology cannot turn back the hands of time.
NBew Jersey Art November 16, 2012 at 11:14 PM
Try looking at Hudson, Essex, Passaic and Camden counties for real political corruption. How are the Democrats doing there? Just fine - business as usual - stealing the people's money to line their own pockets.
Jeff November 17, 2012 at 01:36 AM
The problem with your position is that you're not taking into account the massive shift in business to focus on short term results rather than building great companies with great people. The reason that more and more people are looking to the gvt to provide for their basic human needs is because companies no longer will, regardless of how hard you work. Corporations used to be loyal to employees and vice versa, so you could count on long careers with venerable companies. In exchange for that loyalty and your hard work, you were treated with respect, fairness and didn't have to worry about losing health care, pensions or your livelihood. Now, companies will slash well-performing employees if they have a bad earnings report. That's the reason that more and more voters want security from the government. I need to support the candidate who wants me to have health care and a safety net, because who else will help? When it takes a person with a master's education and 15 years industry experience 12 months to land a job that pays 1/3 less than they were making before, there needs to be something there to make sure that person has a fallback. To say that a person like that hasn't worked for it is ludicrous. These are the people who have worked for it, but now, through no fault of their own, are in a position where they can't feed their families. I don't want to count on the government, but the state of corporate America has given us no choice.
oldsoldier November 17, 2012 at 08:51 PM
To OC - Mr. Griffiths is certainly articulate and well read, as I have read his other posts. What I object to is cherry-picking bits of facts to buttress an opinion. To suggest that the GOP is the only party to throw money at an election is twisted to say the least. I agree with him that Sandy did not cause the Romney's loss. I agree that not only the GOP, but the Government in general needs to get out of people's live and bedrooms. Let people make their own decisions, and let them either reap the benefits or suffer their own consequences. The problem is you and many others (including Mr. Griffith) cannot seem to grasp the simple truth: Those in Government, both Dems and GOP, are still doing the same thing they had been doing for years. You want to make this an silly ideological battle of Liberals vs. Conservatives, yet you are simply making a tool of yourself. You wish to support his suggestion that the GOP embrace hspanics using illegal immigration as your point? What about those hispanics that are here legally? Why have immigration laws? Why have laws? Using these ludicrious positions, then Officer Brian Terry did not have to die. Perhaps that does not bother you, as long as you have yours. Technology is a wonderful thing. Ideology is only as good as the ideals that are its foundation. The President and others were relected. Let's pray they do the right thing by us all.


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