The Truth About Health and Healing

Do we have a health care system in this Country or a sick care system?

Do we have a health care system or sick care system?

We have a “sick care system." When do you go to the doctor? When you’re sick. Our health care system is broken and very expensive because we are educated to think we are fine and completely healthy until we exhibit some sort of pain or a group of symptoms. What is health? Unfortunately, most people get this wrong and say things like “eating right, exercising, positive mental attitude.” They name what you can do to be healthy. But, what is health? Health simply put “is the body functioning perfectly in every way.”

We easily understand that eating right, exercising, and positive mental attitude are important in maintaining health. But then what if we don’t eat right, don’t exercise or have a positive mental attitude. Does it change the body’s function, disrupting the healing energy that flows within us? What if this energy is decreased too much or for too long? We develop a sickness, pain or a disease.

What system transmits the healing energy in the body? How does this healing energy flow through the body? We don’t normally think of this! Our nervous system is designed to transmit ALL “mental impulses” or healing energy. What happens if we decrease the mental impulses in the body, or create interference within this system? We interfere with the healing energy.

When healing energy decreases, function is reduced, and we can develop sickness, pain, disease or just not feel well. I hope you are beginning to see that if the body is not functioning perfectly, we are not as healthy as we can be.


There is a healing energy that flows within us.

This energy is transmitted through our nervous system.

Interference in this flow of energy reduces function.

Reduced function over time can lead to decreased health, disease, and/or symptoms.

Treating symptoms or pain without addressing the reduced flow of life is why we have a “sick care” system.

Chiropractors understand the healing energy must flow without interference within the body.

Interference in the nervous system, what chiropractors call subluxation, causes a disruption in the flow of energy reducing function.

Chiropractors analyze, locate and correct the interference in the nervous system.

When the interference is removed the healing energy will be returned to the body changing its function.

I hear of so many people who are afraid of going to a chiropractor. They heard from someone who heard from someone that a chiropractor did…..

Think of this if you answered the question wrong in the beginning. What is health? How has your Medical Doctor done in educating you that health comes from your body functioning perfectly? What has your medical doctor done over the years to make sure the healing energy is maximized in your body? Have they even checked for this, or are they more concerned with your symptoms once you lost your health and are in their office for “sick care?”

Is our Country healthier or sicker the last 10 years… 20 years… 50 years? What has your medical doctor done in the last 10, 20, 50 years to maximize your health/function?

Most medical doctors give drugs for a series of symptoms that correlate to a specific disease. Have you ever read the side effects from these drugs? If not, I suggest you do!

Like I said, many people are afraid to go to the chiropractor, because they do not understand the side effects of removing nerve interference. People that understand chiropractic and understand these principles, have less disease, take less drugs, have less pain, and enjoy their quality of life!

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