Traffic Alert: New Jersey Marathon Runs Through Oceanport

Marathon set for Sunday, May 5

The following is a message from the Oceanport Police Department:

The Oceanport Police Department is advising that the 2013 New Jersey Marathon will be beginning and running through Oceanport on Sunday, May 5th.

The marathon, which will be split between the 1⁄2 marathon and the full marathon, will begin at Monmouth Park Race Track. The full marathon begins at 6:50 a.m., and the half marathon begins at 8 a.m.

The race course runs from the Main Gate at Monmouth Park off of Oceanport Avenue onto Crescent Place. Runners will then proceed north on Eatontown Boulevard to Wolf Hill Avenue , east on Pemberton Avenue to Oceanport Avenue. Runners will run south to Port au Peck Avenue and then east to Myrtle Avenue make left turn north on Myrtle Avenue to Monmouth Boulevard to Port Au Peck Avenue.

The runners will then turn left (north) onto Port Au Peck Avenue to Hiawatha Avenue. Runners will then turn onto Comanche Drive back to Monmouth Boulevard. They will run westbound on Monmouth Boulevard. to Port Au Peck Avenue south to Shrewsbury Avenue and back to Comanche Drive and will exit town over the Pleasure Bay Bridge into Long Branch.

Roadways in Oceanport will close at 6:30 a.m. Roadways will reopen to traffic as the last runners run from west to east and eventually cross the Pleasure Bay Bridge into Long Branch. All roadways within Oceanport will open to vehicle traffic by approximately 10 a.m. Roadways in the western and central sections of Oceanport will reopen much earlier.

All residents are asked to plan ahead as vehicles will not be able to move through the many sections of Oceanport during the time of the race. Residents who reside from Myrtle Avenue and points west can travel out of town via Bridgewater’s drive to Oceanport Avenue/Main Street. Residents who reside east of Branchport Ave, and who wish to travel out of Oceanport must leave prior to 6:30 a.m.

Reminder that the Branchport Creek Bridge is closed and will remain closed until May 23. Those that reside north of Monmouth Boulevard can exit Oceanport via Bayview Avenue to Monmouth Boulevard to Myrtle Avenue and travel west or north by crossing into Little Silver. (A access route will be in place from Bayview Avenue to Myrtle Avenue)

Parking will be prohibited on Wolf Hill Avenue, Pemberton Avenue, Monmouth Boulevard, Hiawatha Avenue between Port au Peck Avenue and Comanche Drive, Comanche Drive, Port Au Peck Avenue, and Shrewsbury Avenue between Port au Peck Avenue and Comanche Drive.

We ask that all parked vehicles be removed from the above listed roadways the night prior to the event. any vehicles that remain the morning of the race will be towed.

If an emergency requires you to drive through the New Jersey Marathon area during this time, contact the Police Department at 732‐222‐6300 for instructions and assistance. Event and race information can also be found on www.njmarathon.org.

Any questions in regards to road closures, vehicle access during the race, or parking, can be addressed by calling Traffic Safety Officers Sgt. Michael Kelly or Lt. Michael Chenoweth at Police Headquarters at 732‐222‐6300 or by email at mkelly@oceanportboro.com or mchenoweth@oceanportboro.com.


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