Patch Peeps: Ann Gilmartin, Striving for a Healthy and Clean Environment

Since moving to Monmouth Beach, Ann Gilmartin finds herself preparing for a Triathlon and doing her part to keep our beaches clean.

Ann Gilmartin has been a resident of Monmouth Beach since 1999. Growing up in Middletown, Ann lived for quite some time in New York City with her husband. At that time, Ann was working in Advertising in New York.

Purchasing a home with her husband in Monmouth Beach, Ann eventually gave birth to her son, who is now 4 ½ years old.

Being an outdoors person, Ann’s falling in love with a house in Monmouth Beach was the best thing that could happen to a person with her interests. She loves bike riding and hiking. In addition, both Ann and her husband are Scuba Diving Instructors.

“I just started training this year for the Triathlon,” stated Ann. Having already run 2 Half-Marathons, Ann has been working on improving her swimming, road biking and running skills. 

“Between my two trainers, I am in good hands,” added Ann. She trains with in Monmouth Beach and Christine from The Athletic Club in Red Bank.

Having been a Yoga Instructor at Brahma in Sea Bright, Ann currently offers private instruction to interested parties of all ages.

While enjoying a Decaf Cappuccino at , Ann expressed her concern about our beaches. Having been a Committee Member for Clean Ocean Action for approximately six years, Ann expects to head the committee next year.

“We bring people an awareness of the ocean,” stated Ann. “We do beach sweeps and help fight against companies that are drilling for oil, to protect our beaches.” Those are just a few ways that Clean Ocean Action protects the waters that we swim in.

Before becoming a member, Ann attended events just like the one they just had at the Sea Gulls’ Nest Deck Restaurant at Sandy Hook. Art Servilla and the Thom White Band performed for those who donated $100 (or $125 after Labor Day) for their ticket. In addition to a Silent Auction, a surfboard was also auctioned off.

On October 22, Clean Ocean Action will host the 26th Annual Fall Beach Sweeps, with volunteers having over 65 locations to choose from. To assist with the cleaning of our beaches, visit www.cleanoceanaction.org for more information.

“In May, we will be hosting our annual Beach Ball at the Ship Ahoy Beach Club,” continued Ann.

When Ann and her family established roots in Monmouth Beach, they not only became residents, but also productive members of their community!


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