Icy Flooding Along Shrewsbury River in Sea Bright, Monmouth Beach

Flood waters rose Friday morning with high tide.

Sea Bright Fire Rescue warned people of the flooding predicted with this morning's high tide and snowy weather.

And, as Sea Bright residents told Patch, the flood waters came in with the tide from the Shrewsbury River at about 10:30 a.m.

Three hours later, the water level had lowered from a couple feet high on Center Avenue, but the street, along with all the others in the area, still had a steady flow of water and ice. "People were trying to get down the street using chairs as stilts, kayaks and planks as a bridge," Sea Bright resident Claudia Francello said.

It's routine for residents to move their cars to higher ground when they know inclement weather is coming along with the high tides. So, most were safe.

Earlier on Friday, however, things got a little dicey when Sea Bright Fire Rescue, Monmouth Beach Fire Company and Long Branch Fire Department responded to a call of "an occupied USPS mail truck (was) found in (@) 4 feet of water. Members from both dept's effected a safe rescue under the watchful command of 3368," a post on the Monmouth Beach Fire Company Facebook page said.

Both the mail and the mailman were unscathed.

There was another rescue at Sailor's Way and River Street, a post reported on the page. Two people were trapped in a car in flood waters. Long Branch sent swimmers in to rescue them. They were treated by EMS on-site, the post said.

Rumson's West Park section, which was severely flooded from Hurricane Sandy, had some flooding in its lowest-lying areas as well.


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