Feeding The 'Sea Bright Rising' Vision

Woody's urgent need for food to last through weekend; plans for after the holiday

It’s food for rebuilding Sea Bright and its residents’ spirits and Chris Wood wants to make sure no stomachs are left grumbling.

Weeks after Sandy spun her wrath on Sea Bright, the Fair Haven resident and owner of Woody’s Ocean Grille’s initial makeshift vision to feed residents and business owners faced with the daunting rebuilding of structure and spirit has grown.

He predicted that he’d need more food as residents were allowed back into town to start making homes and businesses livable and functional. He was right.

Finding his mission to nourish now sandwiched between a busy past weekend and a holiday weekend on the horizon, supplies are growing sparse.

“Demand this (past) weekend was extremely high. We served more than 5,000 lunches on (both) Saturday and Sunday,” Wood said of his food/tent city operation set up in and alongside the Sea Bright firehouse. “Monday was a bit lighter; and, I expect that to be the case until Friday when it will get crazy again through the weekend. Lunch is huge. So please do what you can and get us some product down here quickly. We use it. Come see it for yourself.”

Right now, Wood said there’s an urgent need for the following: burger patties, chicken, cheese slices, ground beef, sausage, onions, peppers, lunch salads (potato and macaroni), wings, wing sauce, bacon, pasta. The supplies, he said, may be brought right to what has unofficially become known as Woody’s Food/Tent City in the Sea Bright Public Beach parking lot.

After the coming weekend, Wood, also known as Woody, said that he anticipates scaling meals back to lunch only. “The firehouse needs to get back to being a firehouse,” he said.

But the need for support is not waning in any way, Woody stressed. Lunch just happens to be the most logical meal to stick with serving, since it’s at that time most volunteers and residents are in town.

Sea Bright will be rebuilding for some time and he plans to continue, with the help of volunteers he says are priceless and appreciated beyond measure, to support the cause with the lunches and supplies collected for what he calls the cause’s own mini-Walmart in its tent city.

Other forms of help are on the way as well, he said.

Wood formed a nonprofit dubbed Sea Bright Rising. See the website at www.seabrightrising.org.

“Stay strong and continue to promote Sea Bright Rising,” Wood says on the organization’s Facebook page.  “Sea Bright will come back better than ever!”


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