Movie Review "Wolf on Wall St." -

I'm not sure why I was so interested to see the movie "The Wolf of Wall St" so much.
I respected that my son had seen it and gave it high marks on the level of "The American
Hustle" which I really enjoyed. Plus the previews and audience buzz tweaked my interest
though I was concerned about the near 3 hour length of the film. Lead Actor Leonardo
DiCaprio & Director Mr. Martin Scorsese have a history of making very long films...many
that are simply 30+ minutes too long.

I found some time to go & drove out to Freehold and it was sold out. I did a 180, headed
straight to the Monmouth Mall and got a good seat at a near full theater. I had my coffee;
I had had my nap so I was ready for a marathon movie. Well folks I did not fall asleep but
I wish I did ... would have been time better spent.. This movie tells the true story Jordan
Belfort, young financial dynamo who founded the brokerage firm "Stratton Oakmont" in
the '90's. He is a lying, scheming money grabbing S.O.B. in every sense of the word.
Initially selling penny stocks and pink sheets which are highly unregulated and later
some blue chip stocks. And this was pre-internet age, so customers couldn't research
these long shot stocks and fell victim to the high pressure, scripted salesperson who
would say anything to get a commission.

I was incredulous how much this audience liked this film. The audience of all ages
drank the kool-aid of these schmucks who stole,lied broke laws in an effort to get the sale.
This company surrounded itself with plenty of money, greed, sex, drugs, alcohol and more
to inspire their salespeople to be relentlessly selling sleaze buckets.

I feel ripped off that I was sold ticket to waste three plus hours of my day celebrating pond
scum of an individual and a company. Of course, once he got arrested, he flipped on his
friends/work colleagues to give himself a lowest possible sentence (of course at an affluent
country club prison for all of three years).

This is a real guy and a real company. When researching this movie, employees and
Mr. Belfort himself shared that this movie did an excellent depiction of what happened
at Statton Oakmont. And today he writes books, gives speaks, claims going legit and is
again making money while still owing over $ 100,000,000 in restitution to swindled

Hollywood shouldn't make films such a low life people..I'm just surprised how much
audiences loving this film even though I'm sure friends and relatives have been scammed
by this type of company.

Just being out in society, more and more people treat each other so poorly. We barely
know our neighbors, don't know our postmans' name and enjoy blasting others/companies
with mean, often anonymous comments on the the internet. Why celebrate such useless
vile folks on the big screen?


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